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A unit of area used for land measurement in Israel and usually equal to 1,000 square meters.

[Modern Israeli Hebrew, from Turkish dönüm; see donum.]


(Units) a unit of land area measurement used in Israel equivalent to 1,000 square metres
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Planted at a cost of $2,000 per dunam, the saplings after three years each gave 15 kg of fruit while after five they yielded 50 kg.
Ramallah Israel has confiscated 5,000 dunams (one dunam is 1,000 square metres) of fertile lands in Beit Awla, west of Hebron in the West Bank, to continue the construction of the racist separation wall inside the Green Line.
This is an achievement and a victory for the popular resistance, but this is not enough -- 2,300 dunam (575 acres) were confiscated from Bilin s land, 750 dunam (188 acres) were regained," said demonstrator Iyad Bornat about the rerouting.
The project consists of a luxurious hotel complex on a total area of 60 dunams (a dunam is a unit of area equal to 1,000 square meters).
Ben Gurion sold 1,101,742 dunam in January 1949, and about 1,271,734 dunams in October 1950.
2850-2650) only sixteen settlements continued from the previous period, primarily on large tells (20-30 dunam on average, though up to one hundred dunam [4 dunam = 1 acre]) and in fortified enclosures clustered along valley edges near water sources.
Ownership of the site, and a six dunam area of the neighborhood, lies in the hands of the Vaad Sephardi Haredi -- a Sephardic communal body whose members populated the area until the Arab riots of the 1920s and 1930s drove them out.
Dunam is a unit of land area used especially in Israel equal to 1,000 square meters or about 1/4 acre.
One kilo of seeds yields half a dunam of bean pods, which need a few months to ripen.
The annual rent of one dunam of land to grow thyme is $400.
Israel's Regional Council encompasses an area of 760,000 dunam (188,000 acres or 294 Sq.