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A dunce.

[Perhaps Dutch donder, thunder (from Middle Dutch doner; see (s)tenə- in Indo-European roots) + head.]

dun′der·head′ed adj.
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a stupid or slow-witted person; dunce. Also called: dunderpate
[C17: probably from Dutch donder thunder + head; compare blockhead]
ˈdunderˌheaded adj
ˈdunderˌheadedness n
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(ˈdʌn dərˌhɛd)

a dunce; blockhead; numbskull. Also called dun•der•pate (ˈdʌn dərˌpeɪt)
[1615–25; appar. < Dutch dunder(kop) numbskull (dunder thunder + kop head) + head]
dun′der•head`ed, adj.
dun′der•head`ed•ness, n.
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Noun1.dunderhead - a stupid persondunderhead - a stupid person; these words are used to express a low opinion of someone's intelligence
dolt, dullard, pillock, poor fish, pudden-head, pudding head, stupe, stupid, stupid person - a person who is not very bright; "The economy, stupid!"
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[ˈdʌndəhed] Nzoquete m
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nDummkopf m, → Dummerjan m (inf)
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References in classic literature ?
"If I used my own some of these dunderheads would recognize it, and want to meddle in the affair."
"That I can well believe," said Sancho at this, "for to come out with drolleries is not in everybody's line; and that Sancho your worship speaks of, gentle sir, must be some great scoundrel, dunderhead, and thief, all in one; for I am the real Sancho Panza, and I have more drolleries than if it rained them; let your worship only try; come along with me for a year or so, and you will find they fall from me at every turn, and so rich and so plentiful that though mostly I don't know what I am saying I make everybody that hears me laugh.
I never saw such a dunderhead; can't you understand anything at all?
Is it any wonder that we keep electing dunderheads whose only accomplishment is to finesse the art of graft?
Better shooting each other with spongy Nerf pellets than watching the atrocity of the dunderheads on Love Island, where there's more plastic in the pool than in the Atlantic and where a young woman wept every night because she was being controlled and manipulated by a man.
With 43 others to choose from (one of whom, Grover Cleveland, was both the 22nd and 24th president) there are bound to have been several dunderheads in the White House.
The public have had this fiasco dumped on them for no other reason than that Northern are dunderheads. Grayling is now talking of relieving Arriva of the franchise.
* Butler describes his sometimes biting humor as "Very wry, too wry for most to grasp I suspect." He saves his worst epithets for useless bureaucrats, calling them "beetle browed bureaucrats" and "dunderheads." Butler is much kinder to politicians who try to get something done: In 1986 when Congressman Kenneth Gray tried to help Marion with Devil's Kitchen water, Butler appreciatively said Gray " ...
However, putting all this in context, the nation showed it would rather watch a knife-throwing act on Britain's Got Talent than have these out-oftouch egotistical dunderheads jabbering in their living rooms.
"When the Republicans did not support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, they were heartless dunderheads who wanted to see women and children suffer.
Eddie, a small-town fire chief, dates "dunderheads," and tries to balance his schedule with full-time fatherhood.
When the Republicans did not support the Affordable Care Act, they were heartless dunderheads who wanted to see women and children suffer.