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[Yoruba dùndún, probably of imitative origin.]
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Aside Alagbala Ogun Theatre Group, which excited the audience with a short play, one Alhaji Obadara and his Dundun and Sekere group, also based in Ibadan, sang and drummed to the delight of the appreciative crowd.
This ensemble structure and the roles played by each instrument are consistent with the roles of instruments in the drum ensembles of the Ewe people in Ghana and Togo, and of the Dundun drum ensembles of the Yoruba in Nigeria.
Speech surrogate instruments that serve both as signal and entertainment are found in many tone-language cultures in Africa, from the iconic Yoruba dundun (double-membrane hourglass-shaped talking drums) to sets of pitched ideophones among the Igbo (including the ogene bells and udu pot drums).
In another story, "Strangler Bob," we reencounter Dundun, a secondary character from Jesus' Son, but at a younger age, and through the eyes of a Fuckhead-like character who this time is called "Dink." This is the prequel, the primal scene, where a sinister jail-mate known as Strangler Bob announces the fate of Dink, Dundun, and a guy named BD.
Dundun by Denis Johnson, first + last page pic.twitter.com/Wfl1FUimRr
Everyman Theatre, 5-11, Hope Street, Liverpool, 0151 709 4776 - Wednesdays to 07 Dec Djembe / Dundun West African Drumming Community Room (Mickle Trafford Pre-school), School Lane, Mickle Trafford, Chester - Wed, 23 Nov Give Me a Reason to Live is a 40-min solo performance by Glasgow-based choreographer Claire Cunningham inspired by the work of medieval Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch.
"The media and the reconstruction of drumming and the tradition of the Dundun and the Bata ensamble of the Yoruba in South Western Nigeria" presents the inclusion of drumming scenes in the film "The Prodigal Ones" by Mount Zion Films Production and in other film documentaries.
Part three looks at playwrights and performance: Ahmed Yerima's Hard Ground, Stella Oyedepo, Mohamed Ben Abdallah, Yoruba bata and dundun dance in diaspora, Hubert Ogunde's Destiny, and Katuntu (and you too).
Ojuade, in African Dance in Diaspora: The Examples of Nigerian Yoruba bata and drnidun,' gives an extensive and informative account of music and the two dance forms (batci and dundun), enhancing the text with photographs, and also touches on the relationship between the art forms and identity.
The five-piece band also includes Egyptian violinist Samy Bishai, Davide Mantovani on bass and vocals, Surahata Susso on percussion and Seckou's sister, Binta Suso, on vocals and dundun drum.
Fair City gives you the sound of their music; SPIRITED: Pat Kenny prepares for Westlife; DANCE TIME: Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly; SHIP SHAPE: David Tennant and Kylie Minogue; BOGMANAY: Podge and Rodge; MEMORIES: Tommy Makem; EXTRA HELPING: Ricky Gervais and crew return for the very last time; MASTER CHEF: Kevin Dundun; SURPRISE: A treat for the folk of Killinaskully