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"Here it is, clean forgotten and dune with!" thought Mr.
"I maun joost see that the cook's;'s dune her duty--the creatures are no' capable o' decidin' that knotty point for their ain selves." He took off one of the covers, and picked bits, here and there, out of the dish with the fork " Eh!
it's ill wark deceivin' Sir Paitrick, if that's what ye've dune. Ye must know, I was ance a bit clerk body in his chambers at Embro--"
"It grew." And just as he was going to roll the speaker over, a couple of black-haired men with flat red faces came from behind a sand dune, and Kotick, who had never seen a man before, coughed and lowered his head.
Their wives never came to the island until late in May or early in June, for they did not care to be torn to pieces; and the young two-, three-, and four-year-old seals who had not begun housekeeping went inland about half a mile through the ranks of the fighters and played about on the sand dunes in droves and legions, and rubbed off every single green thing that grew.
There were long stretches of smooth-worn rock running for miles, exactly fitted to make seal-nurseries, and there were play-grounds of hard sand sloping inland behind them, and there were rollers for seals to dance in, and long grass to roll in, and sand dunes to climb up and down, and, best of all, Kotick knew by the feel of the water, which never deceives a true sea catch, that no men had ever come there.
At that moment their fraternal bond of union was closer than ever, and when they parted, each to take the route agreed on, they turned back to utter affectionate expressions, which the echoes of the Dunes repeated.
Colorado -- Sacred Tree -- Patagonian Hare -- Indian Families -- General Rosas -- Proceed to Bahia Blanca -- Sand Dunes -- Negro Lieutenant -- Bahia Blanca -- Saline Incrustations -- Punta Alta -- Zorillo.
He was all eyes as the train sped through the country; he adored the sand dunes, their colour seemed to him more lovely than anything he had ever seen; and he was enchanted with the canals and the long lines of poplars.
I fought at Sens, at Bleneau, at the Dunes in front of the artillery, a hundred paces in front of the line, while you -- I say this parenthetically -- were a hundred paces behind it.
THE preservation of sand dunes on the Sefton coast is to benefit from a PS4m funding boost.
The project will concentrate on improving the condition of nine dune landscapes including Anglesey and Gwynedd; Carmarthenshire; Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot.