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a. The excrement of animals.
b. Manure.
2. Something foul or abhorrent.
tr.v. dunged, dung·ing, dungs
To fertilize (land) with manure.

[Middle English, from Old English.]

dung′y adj.
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NBC's Tony Dungy, one of the most prominent voices in the league as a Super Bowl-winning coach and now as a studio commentator, plans to take the same route as Simms.
"It may not be comfortable, but this is not about comfort," notes Cochran, who like Dungy, Edwards, Lewis and Anderson, is on the Sports Illustrated list of the 101 most influential minorities in sports.
James Dungy came on but in the second half Sheffield re-appeared to claim his position between the posts.
Head coach Jon Gruden who took over from Tony Dungy in February last year has been involved in play-off situations with his previous clubs on three consecutive seasons, including two divisional titles with the Oakland Raiders.
The resignation of Minnesota Vikings head coach Dennis Green and the firing of Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Tony Dungy, makes Herman Edwards, who piloted the New York Jets into the playoffs in his first year as head coach, the only remaining top black NFL coach.
But Dungy knows it is how his team responds to their first reversal, which came against the Dallas Cowboys, which will dictate how it turns out in Sunday's pivotal game.
Wilbur Dungy died in June following a battle with leukemia.
See "Star Poets and Poet Stars" by poet-on-the-rise Samantha Thornhill, page 26 and "South Carolina: The Poetry State" by poet and teacher Camille Dungy, page 28."
Meanwhile, 51-year-old Dungy will consider his future after the Super Bowl - he originally planned to retire at 50.
The term "role model" cannot be overstated, as both Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith wear the term well.
"The ultimate respect you get is when you hold up the championship trophy," said Smith, who worked as a coach under Dungy with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1 996-2000.
Indy head coach Tony Dungy still has the sole serious injury worry for the Miami showdown.