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a. The excrement of animals.
b. Manure.
2. Something foul or abhorrent.
tr.v. dunged, dung·ing, dungs
To fertilize (land) with manure.

[Middle English, from Old English.]

dung′y adj.
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I know that my father would be extremely proud that educators would be supported with a fund like this," Linden Dungy told The Jackson Citizen Patriot.
Although he is not a victim of diabetes, Dungy watched his mother, Cleomae Dungy, battle the terrible effects of the debilitating disease until her death last year at 81.
That figure could double to a grand total of two should Dungy be hired by one of the other NFL teams said to be considering him for a head coach position.
The first is a bid to increase receipts from conservative charities, like the Coors beer-brewing family's Castle Rock Foundation, which in 1997 gave PK $50,000, as well as from high-dollar individual donors, like Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Tony Dungy, who gave $5,000.
James Dungy came on but in the second half Sheffield re-appeared to claim his position between the posts.
When Tony Dungy was dating his future wife, Noll gave him a recipe to cook for dinner that Dungy says ''must have worked.
Oregon confirmed Thursday that Eric Dungy, the son of former NFL head coach Tony Dungy, will transfer out of the program after graduating at the end of the spring term.
Dungy has shown no desire to move to the college ranks, and seems content with his life as a broadcaster.
The ultimate respect you get is when you hold up the championship trophy," said Smith, who worked as a coach under Dungy with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1 996-2000.
TONY DUNGY and Lovie Smith will make American football history next Sunday as the first black head coaches to patrol the sidelines in a Super Bowl.