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 (do͞o′nīt′, dŭn′īt′)
A dense igneous rock that consists mainly of olivine and is a source of magnesium.

[After Mount Dun in northern South Island, New Zealand.]

du·nit′ic (do͞o-nĭt′īk, də-) adj.


(Geological Science) an ultrabasic igneous rock consisting mainly of olivine
[C19: named after Dun Mountain, a mountain in New Zealand where it is abundant]


(ˈdu naɪt, ˈdʌn aɪt)

a coarse-grained igneous rock composed almost entirely of olivine.
[1865–70; after Mt. Dun in New Zealand]
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Presently, more than 51 metallic and non metallic minerals have been discovered in Balochistan out of which 29 are being exploited including minerals such as chromite, copper, iron, lead, zinc, manganese, antimony and gold etc whereas the non-metallic include barite, fluorite, calcite, magnesite, granite, coal and dimension stone such as marble both onyx and ordinary, granite, gabbro basalt and dunite etc.
Nickel deposits in the country are predominantly associated with laterite ores (limonite being a member of the laterite family), but are also found in dunite, pyroxenite and gabbroic rocks as stated by the Philippines' Mines and Geosciences Bureau.
In addition to magnesite, dunite, one of the host rocks of mineralization, is also being mined.
Large gem-quality forsterite (peridot) crystals appear to grow from hydrous fluids along tension gashes in igneous dunite bodies.
Many outcrops of dunite both in STGM and JTGM have a large concentration of chromite which are mined locally in the areas.
Chromite###Chromite bearing Dunite (ultramafic###Amphibolite###(Chromite
The peridotite unit rocks are the most altered part of Noorabad ophiolite including dunite, harzburgite and lherzolite.
Pakistan has enormous wealth of decorative and building stones such as granites, diorite, dunite, tanatite, pyroxenite, serpentite, gabbro, onyx, marble of different shades, recrystallized limestone, fossiliferrous limestone, sand stone, magnesium sandstones etc.
The dyke contains abundant large (up to at least 9 cm) phenocrysts and xenocrysts in addition to a wide variety of xenoliths that include granulite, dunite, lherzolite, werhlite, harzburgite, and pyroxene peridotite (Ross et al.
Bits of these rocks-peridotite, dunite, lherzholite and others - may be squeezed to the surface when continental plates collide with oceanic plates, or, less often, when the interiors of continents thin and develop rifts.
27 grams of platinum from chromium iron oxides outcropping in dunite.
Dun (of Dunite fame) Ophiolite belt of South Island, New Zealand.