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 (do͞o′ə-dē′nəm, dyo͞o′-, do͞o-ŏd′n-əm, dyo͞o-)
n. pl. du·o·de·na (do͞o′ə-dē′nə, dyo͞o′-, do͞o-ŏd′n-ə, dyo͞o-) or du·o·de·nums
The beginning portion of the small intestine, starting at the lower end of the stomach and extending to the jejunum.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin, short for intestīnum duodēnum digitōrum, intestine of twelve finger-widths (in length), from Latin duodēnum, genitive pl. of duodēnī, twelve each, from duodecim, twelve; see duodecimal.]

du′o·de′nal (do͞o′ə-dē′nəl, dyo͞o′-, do͞o-ŏd′n-əl, dyo͞o-) adj.
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(ˌdu əˈdin l, ˌdyu-; duˈɒd n əl, dyu-)

of or pertaining to the duodenum.
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Adj.1.duodenal - in or relating to the duodenum; "duodenal ulcer"
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A. ADJduodenal
B. CPD duodenal ulcer Núlcera f de duodeno
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[ˌdjuːəʊˈdiːnəl] adjduodénal(e) duodenal ulcerduodenal ulcer nulcère m du duodénum
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adj duodenal ulcerZwölffingerdarmgeschwür nt
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[ˌdjuːəʊˈdiːnl] adj (ulcer) → duodenale
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a. duodenal, rel. al duodeno.
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adj duodenal; — switch cruce m duodenal
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Gastropathy and doudenopathy were used to define hyperemia or erythema of gastric and duodenal mucosa respectively.
It can also be related to duodenal biopsy or endoscopic injection for a bleeding peptic ulcer (1).
Alhough duodenal perforations are more commonly reported, it appears that the dynamics of the socio-demographics of patients with PPUD depends on the region studied (4,5).
The incidence of duodenal diverticula varies, from 1 - 6% in upper gastrointestinal contrast studies, 12 - 27% in endoscopic studies, and up to 22% in postmortem findings [1].
Upon microscopy, a papillary mucus-secreting adenocarcinoma was confirmed with infiltration of the duodenal wall (Fig.
Duodenal epithelial polyps have been reported in approximately 1.5% to 3.0% of individuals referred for upper endoscopy.
Consecutive patients with acute upper Gastrointestinal bleeding and endoscopically confirmed gastric and duodenal ulcers admitted at JNIMS Medicine ward between September 2015 till August 2018 were included in this study.
Duodenal variceal bleeding is a rare complication of portal hypertension; although it only occurs in 0.4% of cases, it is often catastrophic because of the difficulties in diagnosis and treatment (1).
She had a similar presentation three months earlier at which time an esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) revealed a 1.5-cm deep punched-out duodenal ulcer with adherent clot in the proximal duodenal sweep, erosive duodenitis and gastritis, two pinpoint ulcers in the prepyloric region, and an 8mm clean based duodenal bulb ulcer.
Recent studies have shown that duodenal mucosal permeability increases in patients with functional dyspepsia (3, 4).
At endoscopy a lesion occupying at least 75% of the 1st part of the duodenal lumen (Figure 1B) was noted.