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n. duodenostomía, creación de una salida en el duodeno, para aliviar la estenosis del píloro.
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Gastrostomy (or duodenostomy) was created with the use of Giovannini cystostome (Cystotome CST-10, Wilson-Cook).
The defect should be closed by the application of healthy tissue, such as omentum or jejunal serosa, with placement of duodenostomy tube and wide bore drainage tube.
Once the clotting profile and anaemia had been stabilised by multiple transfusions of fresh frozen plasma (FFP), cryoprecipitate, packed red-blood cells (PRBC), platelets and Factor IX, a laparotomy was performed for duodenal atresia and for a duodenostomy when the baby was 4 weeks of age.
Various surgical techniques such as pedicled flap duodenal resection with end-to-end duodenostomy pyloric exclusion application of a synthetic mesh and jejunal serosal patching have been used to manage severe duodenal defects.35-10
Because of anesthetic risks, ingluviostomy or duodenostomy tube placement (30) were not attempted.
Duodenal 'diverticulisation' is the most radical of these procedures with primary closure of the duodenal wound, a vagotomy, an antrectomy with an end-to-side gastrojejunostomy, T-tube common bile duct drainage, and a tube duodenostomy. There is no evidence that this approach is necessary, and it is now of historical interest only.
Traditional Kasai portoenterostomy, gall bladder Kasai, and porto-appendiceal duodenostomy have been utilised for biliary atresia.
16 46/F Pancreatic cancer with liver metastasis, perforated gastric ulcer status post primary closure and duodenostomy, gastrostomy and jejunostomy, poor control of diabetes mellitus and hypertension, glaucoma.