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 (do͞op, dyo͞op)
A person who is easily deceived or is used to carry out the designs of another.
tr.v. duped, dup·ing, dupes
To deceive (an unwary person). See Synonyms at deceive.

[French, from Old French, probably alteration of huppe, hoopoe (from the bird's somewhat foolish appearance); see hoopoe.]

dup′a·bil′i·ty n.
dup′a·ble adj.
dup′er n.
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Easily imposed on or tricked:
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What this election is about is Theresa May proving the public are dupable, using Brexit for her own and her party's ends, playing politics with the country's future prosperity and alienating that half of the country who did not vote Leave.
Sanford went on to great things for San Francisco, including winning twenty-four games in their pennant year of 1962; Gomez, on the other hand, won only three games and lost eight between 1959 and 1962.(8) In 1948, Veeck, the self-proclaimed big-time wheeler-dealer and hustler, was himself outhustled by the seemingly innocent and dupable Stoneham.
Friedan argues that women were "dupable consumers" who were pressured into marriage, and without feeling like they had a choice, found themselves unhappy in those circumstances.