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 (do͞o′pə-rē, dyo͞o′-)
n. pl. dup·er·ies
The act of duping or the condition of having been duped.
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(ˈdu pə ri, ˈdyu-)

n., pl. -er•ies.
1. the act or practice of duping.
2. the state of being duped.
[1750–60; < French duperie]
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Noun1.dupery - something intended to deceive; deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage
chicanery, wile, shenanigan, trickery, guile, chicane - the use of tricks to deceive someone (usually to extract money from them)
goldbrick - anything that is supposed to be valuable but turns out to be worthless
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"Virtuous Dupery" and the Problem of Psychic Safety B.
Nevertheless, Booker denounces the dupery and fallacy of this normative attitude toward those who have escaped the fate of abjection, stating, "they always said.
By 1971, we had each had our fill of the dupery and deceptions of U.S.
In mentioning in these articles in Luyen Thep the early participation of the inhabitants of the Nghe Tinh Binh in the Viet Minh, their authors further underlined the "dupery" of the communists.
These references reverberate with the yearning to close the gaps that separate people when they are in their right reason (for Houdini, such gaps don't appear to people in their "wrong" reason, ways of belief like spiritualism, prejudice and the stupidity that lies in the kingdom of dupery).
The polysemy of "mask" introduces into the Internet discourse an element of play and even virtual masquerade, which is manifested in various types of faking, dupery and leg pulls, the virtual space being a perfect place for their implementation due to its openness and anonymity.
Regardless of the signals that were sent by Tehran, or that were thought to have been received by the promoters of the Iranian exit, they will remain in the context of psychological and political dupery that is mastered by the inventors of chess, and fictive ropes to which one cannot hold on.
Any reliable historical evidence that once existed has been reduced to caricature by the machinations of internecine Buddhist institutional shenanigans and the stratagems of ideological dupery. The figure of the Buddha in the classical Pali texts is a concoction of the collective imaginations of the numerous communities that, over several centuries, had a hand in the formation of the canon.
French's 1901 article on New York shopping aligns this development with the same forces that "lifted the trade and the diplomacy of Anglo-Saxon races above the plane of mere dupery and clever subterfuge" (651), such language suggesting popular stereotypes about the avarice of foreign-born populations, particularly Jews.