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Noun1.duplicability - the quality of being reproducible
dependability, dependableness, reliability, reliableness - the quality of being dependable or reliable
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Confirming the identity of organism with molecular assay method was a collateral strategy to prove the duplicability of the proposed method.
While the availability, distribution and management of hand-held stopwatch devices may present resource problems in the context of a busy classroom, the duplicability offered by online versions of tools such as stopwatches can enhance student access and enable multiple users of the same device.
c) Duplicability and controllability of risk management The ultimate aim of the Chinese government in establishing the SFTZ is to build a trial zone for further opening up and reform instead of to set up a single special financial zone in a prescribed area.
Establishing the index' cross-cultural validation and duplicability is necessary because cultural standards regarding the position of teeth may differ from country to country, and the degree of attractiveness and treatment need also vary.
One research direction may be to further test the duplicability and generalizability of the research model in the same or other public and e-government contexts.