durative aspect

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Noun1.durative aspect - the aspect of a verb that expresses its duration
aspect - the beginning or duration or completion or repetition of the action of a verb
imperfective, imperfective aspect - aspect without regard to the beginning or completion of the action of the verb
progressive aspect - the aspect of a verb that expresses its on-going action
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They normally also reject the durative aspect, presumably because their perspective is already focused on the ongoing state.
locative verbs can be marked for durative aspect, but not for resultative aspect; while positional verbs can be marked for resultative aspect, but not for durative aspect).
As distinct from tense and mood, aspect has to do with the way verbal systems indicate continuation or completion of action, as in English "I did" as opposed to "I was doing," French "j'ai fait" and "je faisais" The punctual aspect of a verb has to do with actions that bring about a well-defined, completed, and temporally circumscribed change, while the durative aspect emphasizes the process of change and development.