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Noun1.durian tree - tree of southeastern Asia having edible oval fruit with a hard spiny rinddurian tree - tree of southeastern Asia having edible oval fruit with a hard spiny rind
durian - huge fruit native to southeastern Asia `smelling like Hell and tasting like Heaven'; seeds are roasted and eaten like nuts
Durio, genus Durio - a genus of tall Asian trees of the family Bombacaceae
fruit tree - tree bearing edible fruit
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A durian tree was situated a few meters away from the victims' house in the village of Tabara in Malabang.
The durian tree is tropical in origin and belongs to the family of Malvaceae, in the genus, Durio; a large family of plant species which also include some of the interesting relatives such as okra, cocoa beans, hibiscus, and cotton.
Worshippers at the Good News Fellowship Church in Kuching were in for a treat last night after they were greeted with a durian tree!
I know it because it never happened yet that a durian tree will bear an apple fruit.
ON DECEMBER 7, 2015 we came face to face with a majestic 30-year-old durian tree in a 36-hectare farm owned by the Dimaporo family in Matungao, Lanao del Norte.
However, 3,012 families, 286ha of paddy fields and more than 2ha of durian trees in four Kampot districts had been flooded, with 60 families evacuated.
"Durian is our culture, most older people would remember growing durian trees in their village," said the organizer of the festival, Tan Ban Keat, fondly known as the "Durian Guy."
The agency targets to plant 50,000 durian trees in the next three years.
She said her barren mangosteen and durian trees became fruitful!
They already have more than 2,500 mature durian trees - averaging over 20 years - on 24 ha of land.
Environmental protection groups have said that excessive planting of durian trees in Malaysia to meet growing demand for the pungent fruit in China has threatened the survival of the endangered Malayan tiger, according to a report published by the UK news outlet The Guardian on Wednesday.