durmast oak

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dur·mast oak

A European oak tree (Quercus petraea) having lobed leaves, stalkless acorns, and tough wood. Also called sessile oak.

[Perhaps alteration of dun mast : dun + mast.]
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Not just any tree but especially oak (durmast oak in particular), poplar, linden, willow, and hornbeam.
On the first floor, leather-clad durmast oak tables are topped with stylish stainless-steel dumbbells and kettlebells, and a typographic installation blazes Technogym's motto, "Let's Move For a Better World," in neon yellow lights.
Our native oak tree, the Sessile or Durmast Oak, Quercus petraea, so called because its acorns do not usually have a stalk, is one of the most valuable trees in our environment, supporting hundreds of different species of fauna and giving our woods that feeling of permanence as you walk through them.