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A cotton rug made in South Asia.

[Hindi darī, from Middle Indic *darita, split cane, mat, from variant of Sanskrit dalita-, past participle of dalati, he splits; see der- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈdɜr i)

a thick, nonpile cotton rug of India.
[1875–80; < Hindi darī]
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Limited tenders are invited for Supply Of DURRIES IT OG 183 CM X 92 CM
Just before, in 2001, the House of Kalamkari & Durries had been established to deal with the rapidly expanding domestic retail market.
Durries Ds, Lesher MP, Cavanaugh T>B> classification of variable response after photo refractive keratectomy for myopia, Refractive surgery 1995; 11: 341-347.
Durries are a form of thick woollen carpet often seen in Indian homes.
He said the SME sector was in majority in cotton growing, yarn and thread doubling, fabrics, bleaching, dyeing and printing, bed linen, towels, durries and rugs, dusters, mops, bag making and needs inclusion in the textile policy.
We finally decided to showcase the handicraft and art, such as Kasuti embroidery and Navalagund durries to protect them from getting extinct," says Sathyavathi.
Chanderi sarees from Madhya Pradesh, Tussar from Bihar & Jharkhand, Mat Weaving from West Bengal, Jamdani Weaves from West Bengal, Bagru Print from Rajasthan, Durries from UP, Ikat from Orissa, Kantha Embroidery from West Bengal, Applique Work from Rajasthan, Kosa from Chhattisgarh, Maheshwari from Madhya Pradesh, Mangalgiri from Andhra Pradesh, Extra Weaves from Rajasthan, Chiken Work from U.
Shop Panipat is often referred to as the handloom capital of India, and you can choose from a wide range of durries and carpets here, but it is the Panja durries of Panipat that are really worth taking a look at.
The products available for sale during Shilpotsav 2010 include silk sarees, durries, readymade garments, terracotta product, Jute products, Dress material, Kashmiri shawls/stoles, leather products, cane and bamboo products, hand embroidery, pearls, imitation jewellery, 'lakh' products, decorative candles, wood carvings, block printing, wooden toys, tie and dye, marble artifacts, handloom etc.
Idiosyncratic details give the house a personality: the railing bordering the outside stairs leading to her studio on the roof is made up of interlocking floral shapes and the window grills are geometric motifs common to tiles and durries.
7m) fund-based and non-fund-based limits of Indian carpets and woven durries maker ABC Industries.
Twelve or 15 years ago, you were looking at a market dominated by traditional patterns, and they were plain and flat," he said, noting the popularity then of flat-woven rugs such as kilims, durries and soumaks.