durum wheat

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du′rum wheat`

(ˈdʊər əm, ˈdyʊər-)
a wheat, Triticum durum, the grain of which yields flour used in making pasta. Also called du′rum.
[1905–10; < New Latin, the earlier specific name, neuter of Latin dūrus hard]
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Noun1.durum wheat - wheat with hard dark-colored kernels high in gluten and used for bread and pastadurum wheat - wheat with hard dark-colored kernels high in gluten and used for bread and pasta; grown especially in southern Russia, North Africa, and northern central North America
wheat - annual or biennial grass having erect flower spikes and light brown grains
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Contract notice: survey on the quality of the 2018, 2019 and 2020 harvests of soft wheat, durum wheat, barley and corn grown in spain
TAP) - About 1400 thousand ha of agricultural land has been dedicated to cereal crops during the 2017-2018 season, Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries Samir Taieb announced , adding that an area of AaAaAeAcAaAaAeA AaAaAeAcAaAaAeA 530 thousand ha will be reserved for durum wheat, 528 ha for barley and tritical and 80 thousand ha for soft wheat.
Summary: Tunisia's state grains agency purchased about 100,000 tons of soft milling wheat, 50,000 tons of durum wheat and 50,000 tons of feed barley in an international tender which closed on
In this study, genetic diversity in a mini core collection of the 43 durum wheat genotypes (including 25 breeding lines and 18 landraces) was investigated using fifteen inter-simple sequence repeat markers (ISSR).
He stressed the need to pay attention to the classification of domestic wheat during the next season, especially that there is a kind of Durum wheat cultivated in eastern Awainat and Upper Egypt is one of the best types of wheat for producing pasta in the world.
The primary source of semolina is the hard, amber-colored kernels of durum wheat.
High in fibre and protein, the alternative to durum wheat pasta, flour and oats includes Organic Buckwheat Flour (PS2.
Agriculture specialists from around the world discuss conservation tillage, post-harvest wheat losses in Ethiopia, crop modeling, integrated crop management, organic production of wheat and spelt, durum wheat, supporting smallholders in improving wheat cultivation, and improving cultivation in Asia and North Africa.
The sauces are made by a small family-owned company in Italy, ensuring every jar of Contadina pasta sauce is made with high quality ingredients, while 100-percent Canadian durum wheat semolina is used for its pasta noodles.
Bronson and his colleagues grew durum wheat for 2 years using 5 fertilizer rates and 10 irrigation rates to compare yields and how efficiently the wheat used nitrogen.
Riyadh, 11 Ramadan,1437 AH, 16 June,2016 , SPA -- Saudi Grains Organization announced today a new international tender for the import of a quantity of 300,000 tons of durum wheat during the month of September 2016 on board 5 ships, including three ships via Jeddah Islamic Port and two ships through King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam.