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"Every dead bug, dust bunny and piece of balled-up paper tossed by a bored kid stays up there forever," Davis said.
Newport Circle Back Bedroom Top Left Dresser Drawer Rear Right Dust Bunny" in decreasing font size (in fact, the text that follows "Dust Bunny" becomes so small that it is almost illegible in the reproduction).
Small" is a small but mighty fun-packed graphic novel about a sort of hamster anti-hero, who battles freezing cold in creative ways to keep his dust bunny friends warm and cozy.
Joey is an enigmatic character, "haunted but harmless--a dust bunny blowing through the corners of the store." And the flashbacks to that fateful night from Lydia's childhood, narrated by her father, literally had me reminding myself to breathe.
From Bug hoping someone has arranged a surprise BugDay party for him and Dachshund offering a dog treat to the vacuum in exchange for his stuffy, to Bug organizing a dust bunny army and Dachshund lying broken-hearted next to a destroyed vacuum cleaner, to Bug appreciating all he has and Dachshund leaving to eat his chow, both animals find themselves moving through Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's five stages of grief.
With the arrival of spring, and with that low sun now highlighting every cobweb and dust bunny, there are no hiding places left especially in places like bathrooms.
Hopscotch, my new dust bunny, is really flourishing.