dust cloud

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Noun1.dust cloud - a cloud of dust suspended in the airdust cloud - a cloud of dust suspended in the air
cloud - any collection of particles (e.g., smoke or dust) or gases that is visible
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A cottontail rabbit had scuttled across the road, and a tiny dust cloud lingered like smoke, marking the way of his flight.
Everything began on June 24th when Masatsugu Minami, director of the Mars Section of the Oriental Astronomical Association, and fellow Japanese observers Teruaki Kumamori, Yasunobu Higa, and Hiroshi Ishadoh detected a small dust cloud in northern Hellas.
Materials would have been dispersed into space as it died, later forming part of the gas and dust cloud from which th solar system was created.
Vuthy said some villagers, at one point, 'fell sick one by one due to the dust cloud'.
Almost five years later, Kordylewski managed to capture the dust cloud on film.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Light from a supernova explosion in the nearby starburst galaxy M82 is reverberating off a huge dust cloud in interstellar space.
Perhaps a massive dust cloud passed in front of the quasar's bright beacon and momentarily blocked its light.
This can include combustible dusts, high concentrations of airborne dusts, or wherever a dust cloud is confined with an oxidant present (ie typically atmospheric oxygen) and particularly where there is an ignition source.
The dust cloud will arrive in southern England today and begin to spread north from tomorrow.
It blames a dust cloud which disorientated the pilot, plus exhaustion and insufficient experience.