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a.1.Without dust; as a dustless path.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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On Saturday he met me with a well-groomed motor, and ran me out, in an hour and a half, to an exclusive residential district of dustless roads and elegantly designed country villas, each standing in from three to five acres of perfectly appointed land.
The Lopez Museum and Library has scanned most of their holdings, making research dustless and fast.
"velocipedous"--was "dry, hard, level and dustless."
A few years later they moved into producing school supplies like the very first dustless chalk.
The rats could explore the chamber, approach the food magazine, and eat the dustless precision pellets (BIOSERV, Frenchtown, NJ, USA).
Initially, lever-press responses were reinforced on a fixed-ratio 1 (FR 1) schedule of food reinforcement (i.e., a 45-mg grain-based Dustless Precision Pellet [Bio-Serv, Flemington, New Jersey] was delivered immediately after each lever press).
Telescoping, dustless loading spouts were created to address many factors involved in the loading process.
concrete screen wall; stockpile placement at the back of the property; and, concrete pavement supporting air and water quality management, and maintained with dustless regenerative air street sweeper.
The BitBuddie is made by Dustless Technologies and comes with an 18-in.
'O sea-bird, beautiful upon the tides, White as the moon is when the night abides, Or snow untouched, whose dustless splendour glows Bright as a sunbeam and whose white wing throws A glove of challenge on the salt sea-flood."
The SS-10 SA is designed to use abrasive or bead-type media for dustless blast cleaning, descaling, surface preparation and cosmetic finishing of components that may be too damp or oily for dry blast processing.