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 (do͞o′tē-əs, dyo͞o′-)
Obedient or dutiful.

[From duty.]

du′te·ous·ly adv.


formal or archaic dutiful; obedient
ˈduteously adv
ˈduteousness n


(ˈdu ti əs, ˈdyu-)

dutiful; obedient.
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Adj.1.duteous - willingly obedient out of a sense of duty and respect; "a dutiful child"; "a dutiful citizen"; "Patient Griselda was a chaste and duteous wife";
obedient - dutifully complying with the commands or instructions of those in authority; "an obedient soldier"; "obedient children"; "a little man obedient to his wife"; "the obedient colonies...are heavily taxed; the refractory remain unburdened"- Edmund Burke


Marked by courteous submission or respect:
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Those two play Lola's hippie parents, who hold a looser view of relationships than she, as the raspy-voiced and slightly spacey Pullman duteously reminds his daughter.
despite the screened-in back porch where he'd lie in the dark on the old sofa and listen on hot nights to the Giant games; despite the garage where as a boy he would use a roll of black tape to affix a ball to the end of a rope hanging from a cross beam, where, all winter long, assuming his tall, erect, no-nonsense stance, he would duteously spend half an hour swinging at it with his bat after he came home from basketball practice, so as not to lose his timing; despite the bedroom under the eaves, with the two dormer windows, where the year before high school he'd put himself to sleep reading and rereading The Kid From Tomkinsville--" (189-90).
3 was 'a work he wrote in Bonn at the age of 15 [actually 14], while duteously emulating one of Mozart's violin sonatas'.