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 (do͞o′tĭ-fəl, dyo͞o′-)
1. Careful to fulfill obligations.
2. Expressing or filled with a sense of obligation.

du′ti·ful·ly adv.
du′ti·ful·ness n.
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Noun1.dutifulness - piety by virtue of devotion to duty
piety, piousness - righteousness by virtue of being pious
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And Tom was very unhappy; he felt the humiliation as well as the prospective hardships of his lot with all the keenness of a proud nature; and with all his resolute dutifulness toward his father there mingled an irrepressible indignation against him which gave misfortune the less endurable aspect of a wrong.
The Duke's generation resembles Vergil's Aeneas in being sensitive to the inner voice of duty yet ironically betrayed by the form of dutifulness which culture dictates.
Consciousness facets C3 (Dutifulness), r = -.30, p = .03, and C5 (Self-discipline), r = -.34, p = .02, seem the primary contributors to the negative relationship.
They do not substitute faithfulness to ideals with loyalty to persons; they simply cherish the more rewarding satisfaction of dutifulness.[53]
Ostensibly without warning to an observer outside the family circle (such as Earl or Job),Jason shifts from a behavioral mode that is dominated by the dutifulness, dependability, and discord of the family hero, to one in which the rage, criminality, and disorder of the family scapegoat are ascendant.
Smith's NEO Personality Inventory - Revised Factor Facet T-Score Neuroticism 79 Anxiety 66 Angry Hostility 67 Depression 80 Self-consciousness 72 Impulsiveness 62 Vulnerability 70 Extraversion 46 Warmth 54 Gregariousness 48 Assertiveness 31 Activity 32 Excitement-Seeking 58 Positive Emotions 59 Openness 44 Fantasy 62 Aesthetics 35 Feelings 58 Actions 38 Ideas 35 Values 54 Agreeableness 42 Trust 47 Straightforwardness 32 Altruism 53 Compliance 43 Modesty 52 Tender-Mindedness 50 Conscientiousness 38 Competence 43 Order 53 Dutifulness 48 Achievement Striving 22 Self-Discipline 28 Deliberation 57
With Vergil as a crucial mediating figure for sixteenth-century epic writers (most importantly Ariosto, Tasso, and Spenser), pietas acquired divergent meanings for heroes: dutifulness to the larger claims of religious, state, and dynastic obligations on the one hand and pity for the helpless and oppressed - especially women, and sometimes the very women whose sufferings they had caused - on the other.
Aristotle thought that truly moral motivation is characterized by love for the noble, while Kant thought that the only moral motivation was dutifulness requiring us to set aside all emotional considerations except respect.
It might be argued that all Kantianism needs here is a notion of acting from moral virtue conceived as dutifulness, and it matters little how we distinguish, say, the virtue of justice from that of fidelity, since, independently of these terms, our overall ethical theory will require the same actions in any given circumstance calling for moral decision.
of dutifulness is obedience to one's elder brothers; the content of wisdom
In every play the humanity of men wandering the nightmarish circumstances that gave Vietnam its identity is always present, as is the way its stress mixed decency and dutifulness, stimulating desperation and savagery and selfishness.
It was as if her busy dutifulness in getting the notes and phrasing right, moving up and down and wringing her hands, created a massive distraction from the fineness of Schoenberg's inner drama of a hysterical woman confronting her disintegrating selfhood.