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 (do͞o′tĭ-fəl, dyo͞o′-)
1. Careful to fulfill obligations.
2. Expressing or filled with a sense of obligation.

du′ti·ful·ly adv.
du′ti·ful·ness n.
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Noun1.dutifulness - piety by virtue of devotion to duty
piety, piousness - righteousness by virtue of being pious
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And Tom was very unhappy; he felt the humiliation as well as the prospective hardships of his lot with all the keenness of a proud nature; and with all his resolute dutifulness toward his father there mingled an irrepressible indignation against him which gave misfortune the less endurable aspect of a wrong.
The martyred police officials, who have set a high example of dutifulness, are our heroes', he observed.
He said:' The martyred police officials who have set a high example of dutifulness are our heroes'.
IGP Punjab Captain retired Arif Nawaz Khan has said that officers and personnel should fulfill their duties with more responsibility, hard work and dutifulness considering it a pious deed to ensure the safety of lives and properties of people.
LAHORE -- Punjab Anti-Terrorism Minister Sardar Ayub Khan Gaadhi has expressed the hope that the new squad of special operations will set new trends in dutifulness and bravery.
He said that we can form a decent civil society only through the virtues of diligence, dedication and dutifulness.
Given that Work Drive is conceptually associated with Need for Achievement, a facet of Conscientiousness, perhaps the actual relationship between Conscientiousness and academic major change is obscured by other facets of Conscientiousness such as Dutifulness or Rule-Conforming characteristics.
in the Assertiveness, Straightforwardness, and Dutifulness facets).
These two instruments, characterized as self-reports assess the following dimensions: Neuroticism (N: anxiety, hostility, depression, social anxiety, impulsivity and vulnerability to stress); Extraversion (E: warmth, gregariousness, assertiveness, activity, excitement seeking and positive emotions); Openness to Experience (O: fantasy, aesthetics, feelings, actions, ideas and values); Agreeableness (A: trust, straightforwardness, altruism, compliance, modesty and tendermindedness); and, finally, Consciousness (C: order, dutifulness, achievement striving and self-discipline) (Costa & McCrae, 2008).
When speaking about this particular subtheme, parents communicated the contents of their respective interviews with a sense of both dutifulness and vibrancy.
Women score somewhat higher than men on some facets of conscientiousness such as order, dutifulness and self-discipline (Feingold, 1994; Costa et.
There were the Antonines, of course, especially Marcus Aurelius--although imprudent paternal love prevailed over public dutifulness when he allowed Commodus to succeed him as emperor.