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Captured are Responsibility allowance (Registrars and Bursars: N750, 000 per annum; other Heads of Departments/Units: N300,000 per annum); shift duty, overtime and duty tour to some workers 'would be paid allowances at prevailing Government rates'; Excess Workload Allowance shall 'be paid to officers on CONTISS 13 at a rate of N3,500 per hour'.
After his last active duty tour, Steve moved home to Alaska to work as the remote sensing operations manager for Fairweather Science, LLC in Anchorage.
Robert Davenport then served an active duty tour in the Army General Counsel Office (as part of the honors program).
Seven of our current staff members will be finishing their duty tour in the first half of this year, along with the 10 new staff members sanctioned by DFA, are very much needed, " Cimafranca said.
He is now serving a three-year recall to active duty tour aboard USS Lassen (DDG 82), where he serves as the Disbursing and Sales Officer.
Reservist on duty tour in Afghanistan A HELICOPTER engineer who swapped his civilian role to join the Royal Marines in Afghanistan has spoken about life on the front line.
On a temporary duty tour to Peru in January 2010, I jumped at the chance for a weekend trip to Machu Picchu, achieving a boyhood dream.
When he finished his four-year active duty tour in 1974, Fay's background in investigations made the insurance sector seem like a natural place to look for civilian work.
Mr Benkelai was in the country for a five-year duty tour.
Meanwhile the 2nd Battalion have just completed a public duty tour in London, carrying out ceremonial functions such as the state opening of Parliament and guarding Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London.
Bajraktari was a member of a 20-person joint strategic assessment team during his duty tour in Baghdad.
The efforts of the LGBT veterans who are organizing the Call to Duty tour, featured in this issue's cover story [page 48] and beginning February 20, will push us closer to that tipping point.