duty-free goods

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The anticipated flood of cross-border shoppers has to do in part with upcoming increases in the amount of duty-free goods Canadians are permitted to bring back over the border.
HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) criminal investigators discovered that between January 2004 and October 2009 Evans used falsified boarding cards to purchase duty-free goods at Bristol Airport.
The virtual stores are located in front of three barricades ranging in size from 20 to 50 feet which depict the duty-free goods available to buy.
Undoubtedly, there had been a growth in import of duty-free goods during 2010-11 at Rs104 billion as against Rs94 billion in the previous year, but it did not translate into increase in duty collection by an equivalent rate.
We've teamed up with World Duty Free and Glasgow Airport to offer one lucky reader pounds 500 worth of vouchers to spend instore on a whole range of tax and duty-free goods.
5 million worth of duty-free goods flew off the shelves in just 24 hours.
An HMRC spokeswoman said: "Officers from HMRC, along with officers from Newcastle City Council trading standards visited a number of ethnic supermarkets and retail outlets in Newcastle city centre on suspicion of trading in illegal and duty-free goods.
What better occasion there can be than joining this togetherness and giving the people of Bahrain and the Eastern Province an opportunity to win free tickets on Gulf Air plus 20 per cent discount on pre-ordered duty-free goods that passengers can collect onboard.
The three men, who were remanded in Larnaca, face charges of bribing a civil servant, abuse of power, trafficking duty-free goods, avoiding paying duty and concealing profits.
In August 2004 Mr Berriman transferred the stock to The Cornish Maiden, which was kept under observation to monitor any customers returning to the mainland with duty-free goods.
Each item must not exceed 100ml although duty-free goods bought airside are exempt from these rules, except when flying to US destinations.
Effective November 6, the European Union is enacting new restrictions on duty-free goods carried by passengers on flights from non-EU airports who are transferring at an EU airport, according to the Pacific Asia Travel Association.