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 (do͞o-ŭm′vər-ĭt, dyo͞o-)
1. Any of various two-man executive boards in the Roman Republic.
2. A regime or partnership of two persons.
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(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the office of or government by duumvirs
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(duˈʌm vər ɪt, dyu-)

1. a coalition of two people holding the same office, as in ancient Rome.
2. the office or government of two such people.
[1650–60; < Latin duumvirātus. See duumvir]
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1. a position in government held jointly by two men.
2. the two people holding such a position.
See also: Government
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The authors canvas the evolution of Prussian-German thought on war from Clausewitz through the duumvirate of Hindenburg and Ludendorff.
As they thrust this imaginary hobgoblin into Ontario's politics, the Lib/NDP duumvirate also raised their favourite shiny objects: free 'this-and that'.
He is a former PWG World Tag Team Champion, and winner of PWG's inaugural Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament (with Roderick Strong).
In Greece and Italy, there has been strong criticism of the perceived arrogance of "Merkozy", as the Franco-German duumvirate are increasingly nicknamed, in summoning their prime ministers to receive ultimatums.
In dealing with the emerging duumvirate - the military and the Muslim Brotherhood - the chief concern of the US will be the protection of US interests across the region and not the wishes of the Egyptian people.
The appointment recognized their long-term plan to formalize their management duumvirate into one in which Schmidt is Mr.
In politics, how many people rule in a duumvirate? 9.
The duumvirate. And what about the 140 million of us out here?" he added.
Forester's naval hero Horatio duumvirate? Hornblower lives off earnings from which 9.