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Noun1.dwarfishness - smallness of stature
littleness, smallness - the property of having a relatively small size
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The dwarfishness of the oppositional parties spread the hopelessness for those who do have other political leanings than the Justice and Development Party (AKP) so much that crowds in archaic despair more than double to seek shelter in AtatE-rk's mausoleum.
A race which is regularly addicted, even without excess, to narcotics and stimulants in any form (such as fermented alcoholic drinks, tobacco, opium, hashish, arsenic) [...] begets degenerate descendants who, if they remain exposed to the same influences, rapidly descend to the lowest degrees of degeneracy, to idiocy, to dwarfishness. (8) In many respects, the doctor appeared to be the very essence of self-made, professional, middle-class male rationality at the fin de siecle.
A diminutive, Naipaul's use of it emphasizes the implied limitation in the "little warrior's" struggle, his vanity, his striking out against a neurotic certainty of his own moral dwarfishness. Ahmed is not the only guerrilla in the novel.