dwell on

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dwell on


dwell upon

(intr, preposition) to think, speak, or write at length: it's no good dwelling on your misfortunes.
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Verb1.dwell on - delay
hesitate, waffle, waver - pause or hold back in uncertainty or unwillingness; "Authorities hesitate to quote exact figures"
يُفَكِّر بِأِسْهاب
probíratrozebíratstále se obírat
dvæle ved
hugsa mikiî um; vera langorîur um
stále sa zaoberať
uğraşmaküzerinde durmak

w>dwell (up)on

vi +prep obj
(= spend time on)verweilen bei, sich länger aufhalten bei; (in thought) → verweilen bei, länger nachdenken über (+acc); to dwell (up)on the pastsich ständig mit der Vergangenheit befassen; let’s not dwell (up)on itwir wollen uns nicht (länger) damit aufhalten
(Mus) notehalten


(dwel) past tense, past participles dwelt (-t) , dwelled verb
to live (in a place). She dwelt in the middle of a dark forest.
ˈdwelling noun
a house, flat etc.
dwell on
to think or speak about something for a long time. It isn't a good thing to dwell on your problems.
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He shall not win her without contest; yet, if he be victorious and escape death, and if the deathless gods who dwell on Olympus grant him to win renown, verily he shall return to his dear native land, and I will give him my dear child and strong, swift- footed horses besides which he shall lead home to be cherished possessions; and may he rejoice in heart possessing these, and ever remember with gladness the painful contest.
`She used to dwell on the cliff of Olenus by the banks of wide Peirus.'