dwell on

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dwell on


dwell upon

(intr, preposition) to think, speak, or write at length: it's no good dwelling on your misfortunes.
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Verb1.dwell on - delay
hesitate, waffle, waver - pause or hold back in uncertainty or unwillingness; "Authorities hesitate to quote exact figures"
يُفَكِّر بِأِسْهاب
probíratrozebíratstále se obírat
dvæle ved
hugsa mikiî um; vera langorîur um
stále sa zaoberať
uğraşmaküzerinde durmak

w>dwell (up)on

vi +prep obj
(= spend time on)verweilen bei, sich länger aufhalten bei; (in thought) → verweilen bei, länger nachdenken über (+acc); to dwell (up)on the pastsich ständig mit der Vergangenheit befassen; let’s not dwell (up)on itwir wollen uns nicht (länger) damit aufhalten
(Mus) notehalten


(dwel) past tense, past participles dwelt (-t) , dwelled verb
to live (in a place). She dwelt in the middle of a dark forest.
ˈdwelling noun
a house, flat etc.
dwell on
to think or speak about something for a long time. It isn't a good thing to dwell on your problems.
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109-120) First of all the deathless gods who dwell on Olympus made a golden race of mortal men who lived in the time of Cronos when he was reigning in heaven.
It was a matter of course that in drawing Indian character he should dwell on the better traits of the picture, rather than on the coarser and more revolting though more common points.
Instead of encouraging her thoughts to dwell on this melancholy business, we must apply the remedy suggested by our medical friend.