dwindling away

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Noun1.dwindling away - a becoming gradually less; "there is no greater sadness that the dwindling away of a family"
decrease, lessening, drop-off - a change downward; "there was a decrease in his temperature as the fever subsided"; "there was a sharp drop-off in sales"
fading away - gradually diminishing in brightness or loudness or strength
References in classic literature ?
The white one with the rose comb had come and settled on the palings in front of the house, within a few yards of them, and his notes thrilled their ears through, dwindling away like echoes down a valley of rocks.
When we stopped to breathe, and I had time to see all about me, the clearness and sweetness of the night, the shapes of the hills like things asleep, and the fire dwindling away behind us, like a bright spot in the midst of the moor, anger would come upon me in a clap that I must still drag myself in agony and eat the dust like a worm.
The sun rose and sank, and rose and sank again, and many times after that; and still the boy lay stretched on his uneasy bed, dwindling away beneath the dry and wasting heat of fever.
In the video, an object is seen to flare up before dwindling away.
There's no value at the moment; it's sitting there and dwindling away with people hanging on, maybe hanging on to their own little CVs.
McLean is loving life in Asia and told MailSport: "Scottish football is dwindling away.
The yellow metal is forecast to continue dwindling away due to the continuing strength of US shares and flight of fluidity to high-reward investments, even though the current prices are viewed as a good opportunity for purchasing, the report added.
Surely there is someone controlling the purse strings at the council that is conscious of it dwindling away and will have read this story and will have seen it like the public has - a waste of money.
Pandora's box has been opened, and even hope is dwindling away for sure.
But it's clear from the weekend that it is dwindling away.
The calendar is thinning and the days to a new year, a new beginning, are dwindling away.
Kuwait, 02 September: The Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) is predicted to continue being affected by the favorable performance of world stock exchanges, with trading dwindling away as a result of the fasting month of Ramadan.