dynamic viscosity

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Noun1.dynamic viscosity - a measure of the resistance to flow of a fluid under an applied forcedynamic viscosity - a measure of the resistance to flow of a fluid under an applied force
coefficient - a constant number that serves as a measure of some property or characteristic
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The Dynamic Viscosity Of The Store Should Be Between 10 To 30 Poise For O.
In addition, the dynamic viscosity has been found to increase with increasing particle concentration in the nanofluids.
0R] is the equilibrium receding contact angle; capillary number, Ca = [mu]U/[sigma], which shows the relative importance of viscous force to capillary force; [mu] is the dynamic viscosity of liquid; U is the liquid contact line velocity; and [sigma] is the surface tension of the liquid mixture.
L] is the surface tension of the fluid, [eta] is the dynamic viscosity of fluid, [theta] is the contact angle between pigment and fluid.
1 to 10 (1/s), establishing the true dynamic viscosity of the specimen.
The standard Gibbs free energy(Go), which might be considered as the excess freeenergy due to transformation to one dimensional shape could approximately be determined through replacing the concentration equilibrium constant by that of observed dynamic viscosity () divided by a factor 2x10-3Pa.
Dynamic viscosity was calculated using the following formula:
s), respectively, indicating their dynamic viscosity.
Thermodynamic Distilled Curative characteristics water,% mud solution,% Peat solution,% Density at 25 C 100 111 105 Specific thermal capacity at constant pressure 100 80 99,2 Thermal conductivity coefficient 100 85 84,2 Water content 100 75 96 Dynamic viscosity 100 ~7,821229 ~1,899445 at 25C
infinity]] -1/[gamma], is the fluid temperature, [mu] is the coefficient of dynamic viscosity, [[mu].
Santoprene 121-XXM200 TPV grades are claimed to exhibit a low dynamic viscosity, which the company say results in enhanced flow over a wide range of shear to produce moulded seals with excellent surface appearance and no flow marks.
where is the velocity vector, is the constant density of fluid, is the material time derivative, is the nabla operator, p the pressure, is the dynamic viscosity of the fluid and is the Laplacian operator.

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