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adj. also dy·nam·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
a. Of or relating to energy or to objects in motion.
b. Of or relating to the study of dynamics.
2. Characterized by continuous change, activity, or progress: a dynamic housing market.
3. Characterized by much activity and vigor, especially in bringing about change; energetic and forceful. See Synonyms at active.
4. Of or relating to variation of intensity, as in musical sound.
1. An interactive system or process, especially one involving competing or conflicting forces: "The traditional nineteenth-century dynamic between the sexes had begun to erode" (Jean Zimmerman).
2. A force, especially political, social, or psychological: the main dynamic behind the revolution.

[French dynamique, from Greek dunamikos, powerful, from dunamis, power, from dunasthai, to be able; see deu- in Indo-European roots.]

dy·nam′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.dynamical - characterized by action or forcefulness or force of personality; "a dynamic market"; "a dynamic speaker"; "the dynamic president of the firm"
energetic - possessing or exerting or displaying energy; "an energetic fund raiser for the college"; "an energetic group of hikers"; "it caused an energetic chemical reaction"


1. Possessing, exerting, or displaying energy:
Informal: peppy.
2. Full of or displaying force:
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The approach in this project relies strongly on novel dynamical systems methods for systems with multiple time scale dynamics, known as geometric singular perturbation theory (GSPT).
It is shown that the anisotropic Brownian motion is an anisotropic "heating" generated by the dynamical 3-space [4].
Washington, May 8 ( ANI ): A research group composed of four researchers has tested numerically a "holographic" theory, which was conjectured to describe accurately the dynamical phenomena occurring in a black hole.
The 17 chapters consider relational developmental systems theory and its methodology, its use in positive youth development, and how developmental systems science extends the conceptual and methodological boundaries of developmental science; epigenetic development and evolution, discussing how development directs evolution, and dynamical systems, the epigenetic landscape, and punctuated equilibria; and the connections between neural networks and development, including the nonlinear epigenetic variance in developmental processes and the self-organization metaphor.
Laurent was given the 2012 honor for his "fundamental contributions to our understanding of small-scale mixing processes in the ocean and the different dynamical processes involved.
The dynamical phenomena of the oscillation of mechanical components of a rail vehicle are often nonlinear and nonsteady.
The goal of this contribution is to complete information on field of the spiroid gear static loading and of torque size influence on its efficiency within formation of various type of friction, measured by dynamical dynamometer.
The "9th Dynamical Systems Workshop" supported by the Turkish Mathematical Society Ankara Branch and Izmir University was held in the Department of Mathematics at Izmir University in Turkey during June 18-20, 2009.
Devoted to the study of the classical and quantum dynamics of physics theories where the Lagrangian exhibits local (gauge) symmetries, the purpose of this text is to both introduce this field of constrained dynamical systems and provide tools for quantizing such systems.
This dynamical system is conservative with the Hamiltonian being given by H(v) = 1/2g(v,v) - f(p).
Then the error dynamical system can be described as:

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