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A rotating electric machine with two armatures, used to convert alternating current to direct current.

[Greek dunamis, power; see dynamic + motor.]


(Electrical Engineering) an electrical machine having a single magnetic field and two independent armature windings of which one acts as a motor and the other a generator: used to convert direct current from a battery into alternating current


(ˈdaɪ nəˌmoʊ tər)

an electric machine for transforming direct current into alternating current or for altering the voltage of direct current.
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Hoping to mirror the efficiency increases for the home that industry has gained by switching to variable-speed motors, the Department of Energy awarded Cleveland-based DynaMotors Inc.
But DynaMotors' technology--which inserts a switch in each motor coil that can be turned on and off as needed--promises to cut that difference in half.
DynaMotors said that its design, operating at half speed for twice as long, moves the same amount of air as a single-speed motor but uses one-quarter of the energy.