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 (dī′năst′, -nəst)
A ruler, especially a hereditary one.

[Latin dynastēs, from Greek dunastēs, lord, from dunasthai, to be able; see deu- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈdɪnəst; -æst)
a ruler, esp a hereditary one
[C17: from Latin dynastēs, from Greek dunastēs, from dunasthai to be powerful]
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(ˈdaɪ næst, -nəst; Brit. also ˈdɪn æst)

a ruler or potentate, esp. a hereditary ruler.
[1625–35; < Latin dynastēs < Greek dynástēs ruler]
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Noun1.dynast - a hereditary ruler
ruler, swayer - a person who rules or commands; "swayer of the universe"
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"The way previous governments have performed people felt that dynasts should not get any place in politics.
Legacy is seducing it into extinction, and it's not helping that more dynasts like Priyanka Gandhi are joining the fray.
For these dynasts, the government is a family enterprise and public service, a convenient way to hold on to political power," she said.
If there is such a thing as "forward-looking dynasts" delivering quality public service, look to Taguig.
Unquestionably, his impassioned assertions -- whether about his 56-inch chest, his poverty-blighted childhood or his loathing of entitled dynasts -- belong to an unabashed and noisily democratic culture of exhibitionism rather than to the cold and forbidding climate of autocracy.
Whether it is going to produce lasting and sustainable change is too early to say but the dynasts are in the process of being routed, not yet gone and will be long remembered, but there is a new beast in the political menagerie.
Is it any wonder then that with the sudden disqualification of dynasts, remarkably few youths stepped up to file their own certificates of candidacy?
In this book, she finds similarities between Thomas HardyAEs The Dynasts and Leo TolstoyAEs War and Peace, investigating their ideas on war, heroism, free will, determinism, and consciousness in the context of their descriptions of the Napoleonic Wars.
The fragmentation of the political system has also led to a sharp rise in parties led by regional dynasts.
broadside, or sidle past each other, dark inflamed dynasts ignored by
Predictably, The Dynasts features centrally throughout:
Of course, after a military rule, it is always a change of dress from the khaki to civilian robes, but the power dispensation stays elitist, privileged and autocratic, with a few hangers-on getting into this exclusive club by hanging on to coat-tails of the dynasts and their henchmen.