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n. disgerminoma, tumor maligno del ovario.
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OCT-4 was the most reliable marker in Dysgerminoma. AFP stained only 33.3% cases of Yolk sac tumour.
Most common combination is that of Dysgerminoma with Yolk sac tumour.
This report describes a case of dysgerminoma in a 21-year-old eastern rosella (Platycercus eximius eximius) that presented with dyspnea and a severely distended coelom.
A final histopathological diagnosis of ovarian dysgerminoma (stage 1a) was made.
The final pathology report describes a highly unusual constellation of histologic findings, including juvenile granulosa cell tumor, dysgerminoma, and gonadoblastoma.
The cytologic findings, such as large polygonal cells with centrally placed pleomorphic nuclei and admixed with lymphocytes in the tiger-stripe background, were suggestive of a germ cell tumor (GCT)--that is, dysgerminoma.
of Cases II Germ Cell Tumour (N=68) Percentage 1 Mature teratoma 61 88.2% 2 Dysgerminoma 4 5.8% 3 Mixed germ cell tumour 2 2.94% 4 Mature teratoma with 2 2.94% primary carcinoid Total 68 100%
round cell tumor (desmin+, EMA+, NSE+), one germ cell tumor (anaplastic dysgerminoma; vimentin+, PLAP+, CD117+), one carcinosarcoma (CK+, vimentin+), one pleuropulmonary blastoma (vimentin+, S-100+, CD34-,CD99-, SMA-, desmin-), one Wilm's tumor (EMA+, NSE+, WT1-, desmin-), one pheochromocytoma (S-100+, CGA+, EMA-, calretinin-, CD56-, inhibin-, CK7-), one glioblastoma multiforme (GFAP+, EMA-) and one interdigitating dendritic cell tumor (CD3+, CD5+, CD23+, CD68+, Bcl2+, CD10-, CD79a-, CD20-, CD56-, CD21-, EMA-, HMB45- and CGA-).
TABLE 1 Adnexal masses removed during pregnancy: Histologic profile HISTOLOGIC TYPE NUMBER (%) Cystadenoma 549 (33) Dermoid 451 (27) Paraovarian/paratubal 204 (12) Functional 237 (14) Endometrioma 55 (3) Benign stromal 28 (2) Leiomyoma 23 (1.5) Luteoma 8 (0.5) Miscellaneous 55 (3) Malignant 68 (4) Total 1,678 Data supplied by the authors from surgical experience TABLE 2 Malignant adnexal masses removed during pregnancy HISTOLOGIC TYPE NUMBER (%) Epithelial 101 (28) Borderline epithelial 147 (40) Germ-cell dysgerminoma 47 (13) Other 34 (9) Stromal 24 (7) Undifferentiated 5 (1.4) Sarcoma 2 (0.5) Metastatic 4 (1.1) Total 364 Data supplied by the authors from surgical experience
All four cases of dysgerminoma were in Stage I and three cases were in regular followup and one case lost to followup after a period of two years.
Malignancies like dysgerminoma and gonadoblastoma have been reported in true hermaphroditism.
(24) D2-40 is a monoclonal antibody against dysgerminoma, observed to selectively stain lymphatic endothelium (Figure 3, D).