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, dysmorphia
n. dismorfismo, malformación anatómica.
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AHDC1 related intellectual disability obstructive sleep apnea mild dysmorphism syndrome.
On examination, she had no dysmorphism; her height and weight were on the 10th centile.
Evaluation of erythrocyte dysmorphism by light microscopy with lowering of the condenser lens: A simple and efficient method.
We helped to provide normative values for the measured parameters which will serve as an important tool in diagnosing orbital dysmorphism as well as planning an oculoplastic or orbital surgery.
The proband was a 6-year-old male referred to the Medical Genetics clinic in Pamukkale University, because of facial dysmorphism and bicuspid aorta (Figure 1.
Chi-square test was used to evaluate gender dysmorphism in terms of presence, position and side of MIC.
With Joe having being diagnosed with severe learning difficulties at just 16 months old, he suffers from conditions such as Global Development Delay, Dysmorphism and balance problems, so the station and family had to come together to make sure everything was in place for Joe's needs.
Clinical features vary considerably from patient to patient but childhood and distinct facial dysmorphism. Malocclusion, hyper- and hypotonia, and delayed motor development are also common as well as microcephaly.
The cardinal features are craniofacial dysmorphism, short neck with webbing, skeletal malformations, heart defects such as pulmonary stenosis and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, short stature, cryptorchidism, and bleeding disorders [1].