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Adj.1.dyspnoeic - not breathing or able to breathe except with difficulty; "breathless at thought of what I had done"; "breathless from running"; "followed the match with breathless interest"
unventilated - not ventilated; "stuffy unventilated rooms"
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He was not in respiratory distress on sitting up, but he became dyspnoeic on lying down.
After her seizures had been controlled, it was noted that she was dyspnoeic and hypoxic on room air, and it was reported that she had had respiratory symptoms during the preceding week.
A study published in CHEST2006, conducted in dyspnoeic patients, have shown that there is a close relation among dyspnoea severity on spirometry and attenuation areas of the lungs parenchyma on HRCT (high resolution computed tomography).3 So in some difficult cases of these patients, spirometry may not be the only tool to find the cause of dyspnea, because there are so many causes of dyspnea.
Follow up chest radiograph was taken immediately (dyspnoeic patient) or in the evening (stable patient) following procedure to rule out a pneumothorax.
Ayas, "Does this dyspnoeic patient in the emergency department have congestive heart failure?," JAMA, vol.
On arrival, he was conscious, alert, and oriented in time and space but dyspnoeic, presenting with signs of respiratory distress.
Animal presented in the study was dyspnoeic with short quick labored efforts for breathing, tachypnoeic (50bpm) and was having tachycardia (120 bpm).
The neonate was dyspnoeic and tachypnoeic respiratory rate was 98 CPM; there was good air entry.
Previous studies have suggested that acupuncture, a technique which facilitates free flow of Qi, can alleviate dyspnoeic symptoms, reduce postexercise bronchoconstriction, and improve exercise capacity.
On arrival to emergency department, he was semi-conscious, dyspnoeic and appeared pale.
They are severely dyspnoeic (breath less), which is aggravated by any exertion.
Many patients were tachypnoeic, not dyspnoeic, and were able to lie flat.