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(dɪsɪˈnɜːdʒɪə) or


(Pathology) muscular incoordination caused by a brain disorder
[from dys- + Greek synergia cooperation]
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Noun1.dyssynergia - inability to coordinate voluntary muscle movements; unsteady movements and staggering gait
nervous disorder, neurological disease, neurological disorder - a disorder of the nervous system
Friedreich's ataxia, herediatry spinal ataxia - sclerosis of the posterior and lateral columns of the spinal cord; characterized by muscular weakness and abnormal gait; occurs in children
hereditary cerebellar ataxia - nervous disorder of late childhood and early adulthood; characterized by ataxic gait and hesitating or explosive speech and nystagmus
spinocerebellar disorder - any of several congenital disorders marked by degeneration of the cerebellum and spinal cord resulting in spasticity and ataxia
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, dyssynergy
n. disinergia. V.: ataxia
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Several studies in reperfused infarcts have shown significant correlations between the QRS score, radionuclear perfusion defects and echocardiographic dyssynergy indices.
It is assumed that preoperative ejection fraction (EF) and the extent of dyssynergy are the two predictors of postoperative ventricular dysfunction.
A child who has an erratic spray of urine or has to grunt and strain to void has a release problem that is either structural or more likely a learned dyssynergy. The early or midpubescent girl who laughs until she wets has giggle micturition (and often also has attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder [ADHD] underlying it that can be helped by stimulants, if indicated by other criteria).