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From newsletters and e-mailers to in-house magazines, website copy, content for marketing and branding materials, research and technical papers, and so on.
Therefore, it advises, e-mailers should "aim to stick as closely as possible to the conventions of traditional letter-writing".
Finally, to stay connected, customers can sign up online to receive free, weekly showtime e-mailers that contain online coupons for discounts at the concession stand and other weekly special offers.
The irony, of course, is that after FOX News reported the story Tuesday, Eugene has been riddled for its lack of patriotism by e-mailers from around the country, some with all the civility of Rambo brandishing a keyboard.
So all you e-mailers inWales write to your MP now or the Secretary of State forWales, Cheryl Gillan at: gillanc@parliament.
During its participation in upcoming job fairs, Careertunity will provide companies and candidates with access to its recruitment database, process walk-in online registration and submission of resumes, and link core features of its portal such as banners and e-mailers with fair organizers.
Three million e-mailers will also be sent containing all information from the campaign's print collaterals.
The e-mailers believe the Times should not run ads supporting coal power, said Brantley, who is all for those he opposes advertising on the site.
The FTC has ruled that e-mailers must include a simple unsubscribe process with their messages--one that doesn't make recipients give information other than their e-mail address and opt-out choices and does not require them to do more than send a reply message or visit a single Web page to unsubscribe.
Earlier, anonymous e-mailers had sent pictures culled from Facebook albums to all and sundry showing Taseer's 16-year-old daughter and 19-year-old son with school friends at family and class get-togethers.
Some e-mailers cause even more confusion by employing a Haiku-esque pattern of words that need to be read three times with imaginary commas and periods placed in appropriate places to understand what it's all about.
I think she has been involved with a group of people who are regular e-mailers to Dyfed-Powys Police.