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Adv.1.each year - without missing a yeareach year - without missing a year; "they travel to China annually"
2.each year - by the yeareach year - by the year; every year (usually with reference to a sum of money paid or received); "he earned $100,000 per annum"; "we issue six volumes per annum"
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* The payout rate must be at least 5 percent, but not more than 50 percent, of trust assets, generally valued on a specific date each year.
In 1998-1999, minors in Texas had an average of 5,769 conceptions each year that ended in abortion and 28,096 that ended in birth.
If you live in a residence hall, we can't guarantee the cost of room and board became those are real costs that go up for us each year. But we can control the underlying tuition.
* Under income forecast depreciation, the deduction for each year is the same proportion of basis as that year's income is to FTI.
If each year's net revenue cost cannot be made smaller (through dynamic scoring), then the number of years during which the tax cut officially applies can be reduced.
Such volatility arises from two sources, The first is variation due to differences in the groups of students being tested each year. Even if the students are being drawn from the same families and the same neighborhoods, the average performance of a school can fluctuate from year to year depending on the attitudes and abilities of the students in each cohort, The average elementary school contains only 68 students per grade level.
In 1997 and 1998, reported loss ratios for the reinsurance industry had benefited from harvested reserve redundancies, providing roughly a three-point and 10-point benefit, respectively, each year. Weakening underwriting results also have been mitigated by realized capital gains, perpetuating the competitive pricing cycle.
The methodology simply requires you to buy equal dollar amounts of the 100 stocks on each year's CE100 list at the end of the month in which the list becomes available, and hold them for one year.
About 10,000 depository institutions use the Fedwire funds transfer system to transfer each year approximately 86 million payments valued at more than $280 trillion.
For each year of service beyond 20 years, the benefit increases at the rate of 2.5 percent per year, with a maximum retirement benefit of 75 percent after 30 years.
However, the IRA owner must make a key decision no later than his or her required beginning date, choosing to elect a fixed number of years for IRA distributions or to elect the life-expectancy recalculation method (the IRA owner's life expectancy expands each year).