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ea·ger 1

adj. ea·ger·er, ea·ger·est
1. Having or showing keen interest, intense desire, or impatient expectancy. See Usage Note at anxious.
2. Obsolete Tart; sharp; cutting.

[Middle English eger, sour, sharp, impetuous, from Anglo-Norman egre, from Latin ācer; see ak- in Indo-European roots.]

ea′ger·ly adv.
ea′ger·ness n.

ea·ger 2

 (ē′gər, ā′gər)
Variant of eagre.
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Adv.1.eagerly - with eagerness; in an eager manner; "the news was eagerly awaited"
بِتَلَهُّف، بِتَشَوُّق
ákaflega; af ákefî


[ˈiːgəlɪ] ADV (= enthusiastically) [say, accept] → con entusiasmo; (= impatiently) [await, anticipate] → con impaciencia, ansiosamente; (= hopefully) → con ilusión; (= avidly) [read, listen] → con avidez


[ˈiːgərli] adv [ask] → avec impatience
eagerly awaited → tant attendu(e)


adveifrig; await, anticipategespannt; accept, agreebereitwillig; eagerly awaitedmit Spannung erwartet; we look forward eagerly to the day when …wir warten ungeduldig auf den Tag, an dem …


[ˈiːgəlɪ] adv (listen, watch) → attentamente; (speak, work) → con entusiasmo; (wait) → ansiosamente


(ˈiːgə) adjective
full of desire, interest etc; keen; enthusiastic. He is always eager to win.
ˈeagerness noun
ˈeagerly adverb
References in classic literature ?
Probably, anyhow, that is why she told me not to talk about him." And Pollyanna, convinced anew of her aunt's "kindness," blinked off the tears and looked eagerly about her.
His body was reaching eagerly forward, his hand stretched out like a wand, and at brief sudden intervals he continued his cries.
If you do not dislike it, come to me and we will drink it together." The Grasshopper, who was thirsty, and pleased with the praise of her voice, eagerly flew up.
The Detective eagerly scanned the page, and found an official statement that the deceased was dead.
Wardour rose eagerly, and looked over Crayford's shoulder.
to that whale, fishlike, If it thus for its guest's convenience Made things nice!--(ye well know, Surely, my learned allusion?) Hail to its belly, If it had e'er A such loveliest oasis-belly As this is: though however I doubt about it, --With this come I out of Old-Europe, That doubt'th more eagerly than doth any Elderly married woman.
"It's an underground passage all right," said Professor Bumper eagerly; "and not a natural one, either.
'This is a child!' Haigha replied eagerly, coming in front of Alice to introduce her, and spreading out both his hands towards her in an Anglo-Saxon attitude.
While she was fetching the water her husband approached the dusty horseman and inquired eagerly for news from the front.
"What a head you have got!" cried Noel Vanstone, eagerly taking the envelopes.
Alice replied eagerly, for she was always ready to talk about her pet: `Dinah's our cat.
At the moment he passed through the gateway into the street, the wind blew open the cloak in which he was wrapped, although it was in the month of August, and lifted his hat, which the traveler seized with his hand the moment it had left his head, pulling it eagerly over his eyes.