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ea·ger 1

adj. ea·ger·er, ea·ger·est
1. Having or showing keen interest, intense desire, or impatient expectancy. See Usage Note at anxious.
2. Obsolete Tart; sharp; cutting.

[Middle English eger, sour, sharp, impetuous, from Anglo-Norman egre, from Latin ācer; see ak- in Indo-European roots.]

ea′ger·ly adv.
ea′ger·ness n.

ea·ger 2

 (ē′gər, ā′gər)
Variant of eagre.
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Noun1.eagerness - a positive feeling of wanting to push ahead with somethingeagerness - a positive feeling of wanting to push ahead with something
enthusiasm - a feeling of excitement
ardor, ardour, elan, zeal - a feeling of strong eagerness (usually in favor of a person or cause); "they were imbued with a revolutionary ardor"; "he felt a kind of religious zeal"
2.eagerness - prompt willingness; "readiness to continue discussions"; "they showed no eagerness to spread the gospel"; "they disliked his zeal in demonstrating his superiority"; "he tried to explain his forwardness in battle"
willingness - cheerful compliance; "he expressed his willingness to help"
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2. passion, interest, enthusiasm, intensity, fervour, ardour, earnestness, keenness, heartiness, thirst, intentness the voice of a woman speaking with breathless eagerness
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تَوْق، تَلَهُّف على، تشوُّق
ákafi, kapp


[ˈiːgənɪs] N (= enthusiasm) → entusiasmo m; (= impatience) → impaciencia f; (= hopefulness) → ilusión f
eagerness to do sth: eagerness to succeedansias fpl de éxito
eagerness to learn/leaveganas fpl de aprender/marcharse, ansias fpl de aprender/marcharse
eagerness to help/pleasedeseo m de ayudar/agradar
in his eagerness to get there firsten su ansia por llegar el primero
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[ˈiːgərnɪs] n
(= enthusiasm) → vif désir m
eagerness to do sth → volonté de faire qch
(= excitement) → excitation f
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nEifer m; with eagernesseifrig; eagerness for power/vengeanceMacht-/Rachgier f; eagerness for combatKampflust f; eagerness for friendshipSuchen ntnach Freundschaft; such was his eagerness to please …er war so darauf bedacht zu gefallen, …; such was his eagerness to help …seine Bereitwilligkeit zu helfen war so groß, …
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[ˈiːgənɪs] n (see adj) → passione f, impazienza, ansia; (for happiness, affection) → desiderio; (for knowledge, power) → sete f
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(ˈiːgə) adjective
full of desire, interest etc; keen; enthusiastic. He is always eager to win.
ˈeagerness noun
ˈeagerly adverb
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References in classic literature ?
In the eagerness of youth I had made the ancient mistake of pursuing Truth too relentlessly.
I don't like this change in her: she has a purpose to answer, or she would not show such extraordinary eagerness to fill her purse.
All Stoniton had heard of Dinah Morris, the young Methodist woman who had brought the obstinate criminal to confess, and there was as much eagerness to see her as to see the wretched Hetty.
On the contrary, he sat rather mute and receptive before her chatty eagerness to make him feel at home and in face of Gaston's frank and wordy hospitality.
He immediately alighted from his horse, and, coming up to Susan, enquired of her, in a very abrupt and confused manner, being almost out of breath with eagerness, Whether there was any lady in the house?
She lifted the letter, and seemed to peruse it; and when she came to the signature she sighed: yet still I found she had not gathered its import, for, upon my desiring to hear her reply, she merely pointed to the name, and gazed at me with mournful and questioning eagerness.
Snodgrass, following closely upon each other's heels, and running after each other with as much eagerness as if their future prospects in life depended on their expedition.
In that brief look Vronsky had time to notice the suppressed eagerness which played over her face, and flitted between the brilliant eyes and the faint smile that curved her red lips.
He manifested the greatest eagerness to be upon deck to watch for the sledge which had before appeared; but I have persuaded him to remain in the cabin, for he is far too weak to sustain the rawness of the atmosphere.
Whether the flitting attendance of the one still and solitary jet had gradually worked upon Ahab, so that he was now prepared to connect the ideas of mildness and repose with the first sight of the particular whale he pursued; however this was, or whether his eagerness betrayed him; whichever way it might have been, no sooner did he distinctly perceive the white mass, than with a quick intensity he instantly gave orders for lowering.
Often I turn with melancholy eagerness to the space reserved in the newspapers under the general heading of "Shipping Intelligence." I meet there the names of ships I have known.
It showed an eagerness for adventure, a readiness for the hand-to-mouth, which the care she took of her home and her love of good housewifery made not a little remarkable.