eagle eye

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eagle eye

1. Keen eyesight.
2. The ability or tendency to observe closely or pay attention to detail: monitors expenses with an eagle eye.
3. One that observes with close attention.

ea·gle-eyed (-īd′) adj.

ea′gle eye`

1. unusually sharp visual powers; keen ability to watch or observe.
2. a person who has sharp vision or maintains a keen watchfulness.
3. alert watchfulness.
ea′gle-eyed`, adj.
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Father, I firmly do believe - I know - for Death, who comes for me From regions of the blest afar, Where there is nothing to deceive, Hath left his iron gate ajar, And rays of truth you cannot see Are flashing thro' Eternity -- I do believe that Eblis hath A snare in ev'ry human path - Else how, when in the holy grove I wandered of the idol, Love, Who daily scents his snowy wings With incense of burnt offerings From the most unpolluted things, Whose pleasant bowers are yet so riven Above with trelliced rays from Heaven No mote may shun - no tiniest fly The light'ning of his eagle eye - How was it that Ambition crept, Unseen, amid the revels there, Till growing bold, he laughed and leapt In the tangles of Love's very hair?
In pronouncing these words, the Prince, to judge of the effect they produced, surveyed with his eagle eye the three extremities of the triangle.
Achmet Zek watched his recruit with eagle eye, and with a growing satisfaction which finally found expression in a greater confidence in the man, and resulted in an increased independence of action for Werper.
The stranger had once been as distinguished for his beauty and proportions, as had been his eagle eye for its irresistible and terrible glance.
At this crisis of the battle, the prince, who had been seconding De Chatillon in the second line, appeared in the midst of the fight; his eagle eye made him known and his blows proclaimed the hero.
Gahan of Gathol watched every play with eagle eye. The match was an unimportant one, being but to settle some petty dispute between two chiefs, and was played with professional jetan players for points only.
Mortimer had gone over his accounts, with an eagle eye on the expense column, discovering several minor leaks, and finally, aided by Saxon, bullied him into keeping books.
When his eagle eye fell on me, mine probably flashed back in response.' Voila un garcon bien eveille!
"Thine eagle eye bedazzles e'en the brain, "Thy gallant brow bespeaks the front of Jove; "While smiles enchant me, tears in torrents rain, "And each seductive charm impels to love.
The manoeuvres of half a dozen regiments were to be inspected by the eagle eye of the commander-in-chief; temporary fortifications had been erected, the citadel was to be attacked and taken, and a mine was to be sprung.
Nothing escaped his eagle eyes. Just when it seemed absolutely finished:
each received more than $100 million in small-business awards in 2002, Eagle Eye found.

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