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Noun1.ear doctor - a physician who specializes in the ear and its diseasesear doctor - a physician who specializes in the ear and its diseases
medical specialist, specialist - practices one branch of medicine
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With ear infections, you can pretty much return to your normal chipper self once your visit with the ear doctor is done, right?
His last appointment was with an ear doctor, which he thought would be a waste of time.
A visit to an ear doctor saw a technician put me in a soundproof cabin.
Kieron Parsons commented: "It was a brilliant experience learning about the teeth and has opened my eyes to new experiences!" Students then learned how different types of doctors preform different types of check-ups, for example: an ear doctor showed us how to see into the cochlea by holding the ear to the head so they can see down the ear canal clearly.
But then, there's more to life than just winning--a mantra the movie announces with such frequency and fervor that if you don't leave the theater with it ringing in your head, you should head straight for the nearest ear doctor. When our story begins in the fall of 2003, the De La Salle High School Spartans of tree-lined Concord, Calif., are coming to the end of yet another undefeated season that has left them with the longest unbroken winning streak--151 games--in American sports history.
Many of these patients believe they have seen an ear doctor.
And when an ear doctor suggested I get hearing aids--at age 27!--I wrote off specialists for the next 15 years.
When your body compensates, it shows the ear doctor how well your inner ear system is working--and what treatment you need.
Anthony Manit, associate clinical professor of pediatrics and otolaryngology (a children's doctor who specializes in treating problems of the ear, nose, and throat) at Children's Hospital and Health Center of San Diego, says, "Without having other problems, the fluid in the ear should not lead to permanent hearing loss." He also recommends that you "express your concerns to your ear doctor, because there may be treatments other than more ear tubes, especially if you have allergies or other medical conditions associated with the fluid.