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Noun1.ear hole - a hole (as in a helmet) for sound to reach the earsear hole - a hole (as in a helmet) for sound to reach the ears
hole - an opening deliberately made in or through something
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"Hey, I know you'd like to see your kid all stylish and cool, but she's too small to be wearing such a big hoop!" Will affect her ear hole in the future," another person said "Two sizes smaller would have been okay."
A third concerned fan added: "It will affect her ear hole in the future.
And pray that she doesn't try and shove a grape, or three, in my unsuspecting ear hole.
Nobody reared up over what might be construed as insulting or hurtful, and the preverbal clip around the ear hole dished out to errant apprentices and schoolboys was suffered through gritted teeth and accepted as part and parcel of everyday life.
Later, the ear hole is used as a centroid and a 16-circle template is generated to extract the major axis lengths of the ear.
It was worth getting a clip round the ear hole for getting grass stains on it.
"I've had George Groves in the back of my ear hole for the last year because he was in my ear for the Kessler fight in May 2013.
The ear can be located by placing it just behind the top of the lower jaw, with the ear hole at approximately the same height as the lower rim of the eye cavity.
William Sermon, has revealed that ancient royals used to put a loaf of bread in their ear hole to cure an earache.
The ref wasn't going to book him, but someone got in his ear hole and he's pulled him back.
As for reflexes, mine were pretty good when it came to dodging my mum's hand aiming at my ear hole.
As the head came around, the front bead found the ear hole, and the elephant was down.