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One of the small calcareous particles found in the inner ear of many vertebrates, especially fishes, which are involved in determining body orientation and sometimes in perceiving sound.

o′to·lith′ic adj.


1. (Zoology) any of the granules of calcium carbonate in the inner ear of vertebrates. Movement of otoliths, caused by a change in position of the animal, stimulates sensory hair cells, which convey the information to the brain
2. (Zoology) another name for statolith1
ˌotoˈlithic adj


(ˈoʊt l ɪθ)

1. a calcareous concretion in the inner ear of lower vertebrates.


a stonelike concretion in the inner ear of some vertebrates, as the whale.
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One way to track their movement is by studying the chemistry of the salmons balance and hearing organ an ear stone, called an otolith.
Doctoral student Stefan Walker, of the School of Marine and Tropical Studies at James Cook University has found that the markings on the otolith, or ear stone, serves as rings on a tree in telling the age at which an individual fish changes sex.