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Noun1.earless lizard - any of several slender lizards without external ear openings: of plains of western United States and Mexico
iguanid, iguanid lizard - lizards of the New World and Madagascar and some Pacific islands; typically having a long tail and bright throat patch in males
genus Holbrookia, Holbrookia - earless lizards
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The species Rosenblum and her colleagues have been focused on are the eastern fence lizard, the lesser earless lizard and the little striped whiptail.
- Melinda Taylor, of UT-Austin's Center for Global Energy, International Arbitration and Environmental Law, on the likely fallout should the federal government designate as endangered a spot-tailed earless lizard that happens to roam the energy-rich Eagle Ford Shale
The keeled earless lizard, Holbrookia propinqua, is a stenothermal arenophilus lizard restricted to loose sandy soils of southern Texas and northeastern Mexico (Judd, 1973; Axtell, 1998).
Of particular interest are the "legal status" for various species; for example, under the Common Lesser Earless Lizard listing it states "Nongame species.
Oviductal morphology and sperm storage in the keelep earless lizard, Holbrookia propinqua.
The scales are smaller than those of the fence lizard and almost granular, but not nearly so small as the racerunner or earless lizard. The back is pale gray to light brown, with few or no distinct markings.
Quantitative data were obtained only on the northern prairie lizard (Sceloporus) and the lesser earless lizard (Holbrookia), but the latter species was extremely rare.
Comptroller Susan Combs said in a press release on Thursday that her office, with the help of a working group, had selected freshwater mussels, the spot-tailed earless lizard and the desert massasaugas, a type of snake, for conservation research.
Diet composition of the greater earless lizard (Cophosaurus texanus) in central Chihuahuan Desert.
Reproduction, growth, survivorship, and activity patterns in the southwestern earless lizard (Cophosaurus texanus scitulus) from the Big Bend region of Texas.
Among its top concerns will be the spot-tailed earless lizard, which inhabits the drilling grounds of the Eagle Ford Shale and is on the Fish and Wildlife Service's study list.