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adj. ear·li·er, ear·li·est
1. Of or occurring near the beginning of a given series, period of time, or course of events: in the early morning; scored two runs in the early innings.
a. Of or belonging to a previous or remote period of time: the early inhabitants of the British Isles.
b. Of or belonging to an initial stage of development: an early form of life; an early computer.
3. Occurring, developing, or appearing before the expected or usual time: an early spring; an early retirement.
4. Maturing or developing relatively soon: an early variety of tomato.
5. Occurring in the near future: hoped for an early end to the negotiations.
adv. ear·lier, ear·liest
a. Near the beginning of a given series, period of time, or course of events: departed early in the day; scored important victories early in the campaign.
b. At or near the beginning of the morning: She never used to get up so early.
2. At or during a remote or initial period: decided very early to go into medicine.
3. Before the expected or usual time: arrived at the meeting a few minutes early.
4. Soon in relation to others of its kind: a rose that was cultivated to bloom early.
early on
At an early stage or point: Early on in the movie, the main character loses his job.

[Middle English erli, from Old English ǣrlīce : ǣr, before; see ayer- in Indo-European roots + -līce, adv. suff.; see -ly2.]

ear′li·ness n.
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Noun1.earliness - quality of coming early or earlier in time
timing - the time when something happens
forwardness - an advanced stage; "the forwardness of the harvest this year"; "the arts are in no kind of forwardness in this matter"
lateness - quality of coming late or later in time
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det at være tidlig
snemma dags; òaî aî koma of snemma


(ˈəːli) adverb
1. near the beginning (of a period of time etc). early in my life; early in the afternoon.
2. sooner than others; sooner than usual; sooner than expected or than the appointed time. He arrived early; She came an hour early.
1. belonging to, or happening, near the beginning of a period of time etc. early morning; in the early part of the century.
2. belonging to the first stages of development. early musical instruments.
3. happening etc sooner than usual or than expected. the baby's early arrival; It's too early to get up yet.
4. prompt. I hope for an early reply to my letter.
ˈearliness noun
early bird
someone who gets up early or who acts before others do.
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References in classic literature ?
Next, I bethought me, despite the earliness of the hour, of going to see Mr.
"This heatwave is exceptional by its intensity and its earliness," he told reporters.
He was the first candidate to officially throw his hat in the ring for the role but it's fair to say his earliness shouldn't be misread as giddiness over the oppotunity.
Therefore, the objective function of the problem in this study is to simultaneously minimize the total tardiness and earliness of orders delivery to the manufacturer.
Estimation of genetic diversity for CLCuV, earliness and fiber quality traits using various statistical procedures in different crosses of Gossypium hirsutum L.
Pin-Up holds a gold in the Fleuroselect awards for its earliness, lovely flowers, which have a coloured edge, known as picotee, and ability to perform in all weathers.
Considering the earliness of the hour, the general mood would be sober, as all would rather ride in silence, and be lost in one's own worlds.
Another advantage of the harvesting earliness is the possibility of escaping abiotic stress conditions such as drought or freezing, very common in onion cultivating areas in Colombia.
Besides, very few improved cowpea cultivars possessing this trait of earliness are available for cultivation in northern Ghana.
The earliness in the hatching time due to complement light providing may can be refer to accelerate embryonic development rate (Ghatpande et al., 1995).
Effect of sowing date and Pix (mepiquat chloride) treatment on growth, earliness and yield of Giza 87 cotton cultivar (Gossypium barbadense L.).
Similar reasoning is considerable for the other parameter which regards the earliness value of the resources deadlines.