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also ear lobe  (îr′lōb′)
The soft, fleshy, pendulous lower part of the external ear.
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(Anatomy) the fleshy lower part of the external ear
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or ear′ lobe`,

the soft, pendulous lower part of the external ear.
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Noun1.earlobe - the fleshy pendulous part of the external human earearlobe - the fleshy pendulous part of the external human ear
auricle, pinna, ear - the externally visible cartilaginous structure of the external ear
lobe - (anatomy) a somewhat rounded subdivision of a bodily organ or part; "ear lobe"
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شَحْمـة الأُذن
ušný lalok
kulak memesi


ear lobe [ˈɪərləʊb] nlobe m de l'oreille
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() noun
1. the part of the head by means of which we hear, or its external part only. Her new hair-style covers her ears.
2. the sense or power of hearing especially the ability to hear the difference between sounds. sharp ears; He has a good ear for music.
ˈearache noun
pain in the inner part of the ear.
ˈeardrum noun
the layer of tissue separating the inner from the outer ear.
ˈearlobe noun
the soft lower part of the ear.
ˈearmark verb
to set aside (for a particular purpose). This money is earmarked for our holiday.
ˈearring noun
an ornament worn attached to the ear. silver earrings.
ˈearshot noun
the distance at which sound can be heard. He did not hear her last remark as he was out of earshot.
be all ears
to listen with keen attention. The children were all ears when their father was describing the car crash.
go in one ear and out the other
not to make any lasting impression. I keep telling that child to work harder but my words go in one ear and out the other.
play by ear
to play (music) without looking at and without having memorized printed music.
up to one's ears (in)
deeply involved (in). I'm up to my ears in work.
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The mum-of-four said Poppy's ripped earlobe has "knocked her confidence" and that the nine-yearold is now facing the prospect of cosmetic surgery to fix the damage.
Or earlobe piercings can unintentionally stretch and enlarge over time from prolonged wearing of heavy earrings or trauma, sometimes resulting in a partial or complete earlobe split, requiring surgical treatment for gauge or split earlobe repair.
You only need a small amount of fillers strategically injected around the pierced hole and earlobes, the results are instant and immediate, making the earlobe firmer and thicker which helps studs stick out straight and allows your diamonds to catch the light and display your earrings perfectly.
He attacked members of staff while demanding money, putting one female in a headlock and biting off part of a male employee's earlobe.
They really complement attires but they also cause wear and tear of the earlobe piercing and could lead to stretching of the earlobe, if worn regularly and for longer hours.
We describe using a precisely sized biopsy punch with the base of a scalpel to more uniformly excise the earlobe cleft in a quick, efficient manner (figure).
The reality TV personality also defended herself against criticism that arose after she asked what an earlobe was when tasked with licking her co-star's earlobe on the ITV2 reality show.
Piers was making fun of Hayley for 'not knowing what an earlobe is', in reference tolast night's installation of Love Islandwhere Hayley seemed clueless.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the correlation between simultaneous arterial blood gas and arterialised earlobe blood samples and to establish whether pH, partial pressure of oxygen (P[O.sub.2]), partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pC[O.sub.2]), base excess (BE) and bicarbonate (HC[O.sub.3]-) values of arterialised earlobe blood samples could accurately predict their arterial blood gas analogues for patients with acute respiratory failure treated by mechanical ventilation in an intensive care unit (ICU).
Kris Jenner recently documented her earlobe surgery, while her daughter, Kim Kardashian, welcomed her third child via surrogate.
Earlobe crease (ELC), also known as Frank's sign, is a wrinkle extending from the tragus to the outer border of the earlobe [1].
Techniques for correction of acquired or congenital earlobe repair.