early warning radar

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Noun1.early warning radar - a radar that is part of an early warning system
early warning system - a network of radar installations designed to detect enemy missiles or aircraft while there is still time to intercept them
microwave radar, radar, radio detection and ranging, radiolocation - measuring instrument in which the echo of a pulse of microwave radiation is used to detect and locate distant objects
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South Korea has unveiled plans to acquire two more ground-based anti-missile early warning radars and three Aegis-equipped destroyers as a part of its five-year defense blueprint for 2020-2024.
Threat of Early Warning Radar. As shown in Figure 2, assuming that the early warning radar's position is ([x.sub.je], [Y.sub.je]), the early warning radar jamming equipment position is ([x.sub.je], [y.sub.je]), the effective interference distance of early warning radar jamming equipment is [R.sub.ewr], and the max detection radium of early warning radar is [R.sub.max], when a certain UAV is interfering the early warning radar, its detection radium can be described as [39, 40]
In a report today, MPs said they are "still not convinced" that the MoD has got the Carrier Strike programme under control and also raised concerns that the early warning radar system that protects the carriers will not be available until two years after the first one is delivered.
Goodyear's blimps have adorned the skies since 1925 and have served America as aerial aircraft carriers, surveillance airships protecting merchant ships and early warning radar stations through the 1950s.
Watson-Watt's work provided the RAF with early warning radar that allowed the pilots to detect and intercept German aircraft in the Battle of Britain.
The NATO experts were due to visit a military base in eastern Turkey's Malatya province, which already hosts an early warning radar as part of NATO's missile defense system, Anatolia said.
Thus, the next challenge is coaxing GCC states to put aside their rivalries and share early warning radar data, and then integrate the capabilities of their unilateral missile interceptor systems to extend defences over the entire region.
Also on Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry said it has placed a new Voronezh-M long-range missile early warning radar station on duty in the Irkutsk region, which is the fourth new-generation station that has joined service in Russia in the past several years.
US-Taiwan BMD cooperation includes the PAC-3 system and the PAVE PAWS early warning radar. The Chinese government has consistently opposed the US BMD system and related cooperation with its Asian allies.
Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesman Selcuk Unal said, "The early warning radar system allocated by the United States to NATO will be deployed in our country."
The declaration comes just weeks after Turkey said it would host a NATO early warning radar system, which will help spot missile threats from outside Europe, including potentially from Iran.
Sherwood-Randall said Obama thanked Erdogan for a decision to install an early warning radar system on Turkish soil as part of a NATO missile defense shield.

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