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Adj.1.early-flowering - of plants that bloom during the spring
vernal - of or characteristic of or occurring in spring; "the vernal equinox"
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Short-cut to energy Cut back foliage of early-flowering herbaceous plants.
| PRUNE early-flowering shrubs such as Kerria japonica and Spiraea Arguta, which finish flowering on wood that was produced the previous year.
| Lift early-flowering Lilium regale and reset them in well-drained soil.
PRUNE early-flowering spring shrubs such as forsythia and ribes after the flowers have gone.
6 Lots of you have written to tell me about your early-flowering daffodils.
? Put metal plant supports in place to help tall and lax-growing, early-flowering perennials to keep upright and prevent them from being damaged in severe weather.
To perk up a winter display, replace badly damaged plants with pots of dwarf, early-flowering bulbs such as scillas and narcissi.
Asters can be planted in summer to fill gaps left by early-flowering perennials, and look great in silver, grey or pastel schemes.
Divide early-flowering perennials such as primulas ?
"But this early-flowering construct was never developed into a practical system for breeding," says Dardick.
Also deadhead early-flowering herbaceous species, but do not cut back to the ground, or next year's flowers will be poor.
Like other early-flowering trees, trees such as the silver maple and American elm, red maple flowers are visited by a variety of insects on warm days in late winter when the flowers are releasing pollen.

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