early-morning hour

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Noun1.early-morning hour - an hour early in the morning
forenoon, morn, morning, morning time - the time period between dawn and noon; "I spent the morning running errands"
time of day, hour - clock time; "the hour is getting late"
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The Du Quoin Police Department received a 911 call in the early-morning hours about a potential home invasion on the 400 block of North Howard Street.
Thousands of Palestinian passengers headed for the crossing's gates since early-morning hours to travel outside the Strip after their names were enlisted by borders authorities in Gaza.
-- A 28-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of burglary after a Wichita woman found him eating cookie dough from her freezer in the early-morning hours.
Cranes, hammering, drilling, heavy machinery and concrete pumps are punctuating the early-morning hours right through to iftar, sparing the residents with little or any respite during their long waking and fasting periods.

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