earth colors

n. pl.1.colors like those of soil or earth; brownish-reds and browns.
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If your lucky element is earth, then its earth colors like yellow, beige, or brown.
There was a profusion of earth colors, the brown of tree trunks and the green of grass complemented by reds, blacks and yellows.
In a statement to SANA, Basheer talked about the terrorist war which greatly affected every aspect of life but it could not change their ideas or optimistic perspective on life, indicating that he used earth colors, particularly the brow, yellow and honey-colored tones and oil paints to ensure harmony with wooden materials.
My colors are inspired from earth colors such as ochre, sepia and particles of gold or bronze.
The company separately packages spare followers and baseplate buttons in red, orange, green and dark earth colors.
This has rugs that look like marble surfaces, with earth colors, golds and silvers.
For those who feel more grounded the collection also offers a country farm look using warm earth colors, as well as a casual, tropical look featuring lots of bright colors.
If you're not sure about what's in, then stick to super-cool earth colors.
Use touches of the earth element such as collectibles, baskets and earth colors, and to a lesser degree, the water element (because it "feeds" wood), in the form of curving shapes and fabrics or photographs of water scenes.
His large horizontal bands of earth colors are punctuated with large geometrical shapes and energetic lines.
The marvelously well-named Yummy House on the North Trail is first and foremost an excellent restaurant serving delicious dishes, both familiar and exotic, in a pleasant, upbeat dining room done in understated earth colors and with tables dressed in white cloths.
The Jasper gemstone is also available in dappled tones of amber red and stunning earth colors.